Director’s Statement

The University of Nigeria Consultancy Services (The Consult) was established in 1986 under the Business Name Act of 1961 with company registration number RC83136. It is fully owned by the University of Nigeria.

The aims of The Consult includes, but not limited to

  • To bring about University participation in National Development efforts
  • To make available to the wider community the professional and technical expertise of members of the University.
  • To provide opportunities for staff and students of the University to put in practice their theoretical knowledge into practice, thereby acquiring practical experience and improving their creative problem solving skills

The University of Nigeria has staff strength of over 1500 highly skilled resource persons, consultants and technical support staff. The Consult is equipped to offer comprehensive, professional, flexible and coordinated consultancy services in a timely manner. The Consult offers a wide range of consultancy services in the following core areas

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Engineering
  • Energy
  • Business Management and Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Management Information and Communication
  • Integrated Communication Technology (ICT)/ICT –related services
  • Medical Science

The Consult has a University constituted board that governs its affairs and has core staff in its employ. The Consult is appropriately positioned to be more visible within and beyond the country. For further information and enquiries visit us on


Prof Ezeani Emmauel