Our Services

Environmental Consultancy Services Include

–    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies
–    Compliance Monitoring and Evaluation
–    Waste Control Studies
–    Laboratory Analysis
–    Disaster Prediction and Management


  • Surface geological mapping of all terrains
  • Geological and geophysical studies for water supply
  • Economic/industrial Mineral/Rock Evaluation
  • Solid Mineral Exploration
  • Environmental and Health Impact Assessment of Active and Abandoned Mines
  • Agro geological Studies.


–    Infrastructure Design and Construction
–    Pre-Engineering Tests
–    Mass Transportation Planning and Design
–    Project Management
–    Quality Assurance
–    Land Survey


–    Energy Audit/Analysis
–    Distribution
–    Maintenance of Facilities

Business Management and Development

–    Project Planning and Management
–    Feasibility Studies
–    Investment Analysis and Management
–    Job and Performance Evaluation
–    Market Analysis and Survey

Capacity Building

–    Human Resource Development 
–    Programme Development and Analysis
–    Retirement Planning
–    Need Assessment
–    Youth Development Programmes
–    Entrepreneurship Training and Development
–    Staff Recruitment
–    Gender and Monitoring Issues
–    Family and Community Health

Management Information and Communication

–    Data Collection
–    Management Information Systems
–    Software Development


–    Market Research
–    Household Research 
–    Social and Economic Surveys

Training and Skills Development Programmes

–    Management
–    Technical
–    Non-technical

Laboratory Services

UNN Consult provides a wide range of Laboratory services which include
–    Cartography and Mapping
–    Water and Waste water analysis
–    Geographic Information System (GIS) applications
–    Physical testing of strength and structure of materials and products
–    Analytical services to ensure compliance with government regulations

Medical Science

–    Diagnostic Analysis
–    Healthcare Capacity Building
–    Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)